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Fleet Tracking

If your business relies on one or more vehicles, Fleet Tracking can help to save money for both you and your customers, whilst bringing you peace of mind and keeping your employees safe.

Here at Satrak, we supply leading fleet tracking technology to over 20,000 commercial vehicles in the UK.

Offering state of the art GPS fleet tracking technology that allows businesses to analyse fleet productivity and performance, Satrak is an industry leader for fleet management systems both in the UK and Europe.

What are the benefits of fleet tracking?


First and foremost, fleet tracking systems help companies comprehend their day to day overheads, helping them to eradicate inefficiencies and grow the bottom line.

This is because fleet trackers help management understand where excess fuel consumption is taking place, alongside a range of other issues including unauthorised vehicle usage and inefficient route planning.

Reputation Management

As haulage companies are well aware, as soon as a vehicle leaves the premises, it then becomes a representative of the organisation when on the road. With this in mind, fleet trackers enable supervisors and management to track and analyse driver behaviour.

Including speeding reports, unnecessary acceleration notifications, and other alerts, our fleet tracking system gives clear insights into driver habits and road conduct.

Lower Insurance Cost

Another financial benefit of fleet tracking systems is that insurance companies regularly reduce premiums for fleets or vehicles that have GPS tracking systems installed.

Tracking devices also help in the recovery of stolen assets and vehicles, meaning that commercial vehicles can be recovered quickly in the unfortunate situation of theft.

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Why use us

  • Cut fuel costs
  • Gain full control
  • Eliminate wasted time
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase customer satisfaction

How it works

  • Fits every size of fleet and budget
  • Get real-time location monitoring
  • Full range of customizable reports
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Excellent customer service and training
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The Satrak system allows users to see their vehicles location at any time. Utilising GPS/GSM technology the Satrak unit can report its position to within 2 metres anywhere in the world on a street level map.

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Product Features

Driver Behaviour

With Satrak's Vehicle Tracking, reduce your fuel bills and encourage more efficient driving. Do this by monitoring your drivers behaviour throughout the course of the day and looking at aspects such as harsh braking, harsh acceleration and engine idling. This is done via a G-sensor built into the device which detects if the vehicle is being driven outside of safe and efficient parameters.


Get detailed reporting with Satrak's Vehicle Tracking solution. The Vehicle Tracking solution allows you to easily analyse vehicle fleet productivity, performance and utilisation. Reports can be accessed at any time and automatically scheduled for delivery to your inbox at your convenience.

Real Time Location

Web based Satrak software updates the vehicles position and status every 120 seconds allowing users at a glance to see which vehicles are working and which aren't, all displayed on the latest aerial web maps.

Driver I.D

Benefit from Driver ID solution with Satrak Vehicle Tracking's solution. Driver I.D combines detailed information about a vehicle's activity with a specific driver, letting you manage timesheets easily and ensure the right driver is in the right place, at the right time.

Transferable Units

Don't buy twice - If you decide to sell or change your vehicle the Satrak can be removed and refitted to your next vehicle.


Satrak's CAN-Bus unit provides you with detailed vehicle telemetry for HGVs, vans and cars at the touch of a button. This detailed level of information includes fuel tank levels, fuel consumption, odometer reading and engine temperature, meaning you can effectively identify areas of improvement within fleet operations and lower your operating costs.

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GPS Tracking Solutions

Customised vehicle tracking software

General Information

Satrak™ VM has been specifically designed to meet the needs of all commercial vehicle fleets. Combining GPS and GPRS our VM allows you to see where your vehicles are, as well as produce reports such as time sheets or private mileage.

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